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Physics Question Answer Practice Set-1


Physics Question Answer Practice Set-1

1.Newton-second stands for the unit of?
Ans: Momentum

2.Poise is the unit of which quantity?
Ans: Viscocity

3.Which area under acceleration-time graph represent ?
Ans: Change in Velocity

4.The unit of surface tension is -
Ans: Dyne/sec^2

5. A petty of tea is weighted in a spring balance of Darjeeling and brought at Kolkata. The Price weight of the petty is now-
Ans: Increases

6.Action and reaction are equal and opposite,still they can not produce equilibrium because -
Ans: They  act at two different points

7.Young's Modulus is the property of -
Ans : Solid only

8.The Force of gravity of Jupiter compared to earth is -
Ans: More

9.The expression of kinetic energy is given by -
Ans: 1/2mv^2

10.Modulus of elasticity is dimensionally equivalent to -
Ans: Stress

11.When a body is submerged in a fluid , buoyant force acting on it depends on -
Ans: Density of fluid

12.Weight of the liquid  displaced by a floating body is equal to -
Ans: The weight of the  body

13.When mass and speed are doubled ,the kinetic energy increases?
Ans: 8-times

14.Pressure at which point within a liquid depend upon ?
Ans: Depth
15.What is the unit of buoyancy in S.I System ?
Ans: Pascal

16.The fulcrum is in between the load and effort in case of -
Ans: Class I lever

17.The angle between applied force (F) and the velocity (v) be θ  , the power will be -
Ans: FV cosθ

18.In a class III lever ,though the mechanical advantage is less than unity still it is use because -
Ans: In many cases it is not possible to employ class I and class II lever

19.One kwh of electrical energy equals
Ans: 860 kcal

20.Equal heat is applied on two liquid A and B of same mass . If he specify heat of liquid B is double of that of A, then the ratio of increase in temperature will be -
Ans: 2:1

21.Energy acquired by an electron moving with acceleration through a p.d of 1 volt is -
Ans: 1 electron volt

22.If the palm of a man carries some weight ,the position of fulcrum will be at -
Ans: on the elbow

23.What will be the reading in absolute scale the value for 27°C ?
Ans: 300°K

24.At which temperature in Farenheit scale is double of that of centigrade scale ?
Ans: 160°C

25.At which temperature  the reading of both  Farenheit and Celcius scale are equal ?
Ans:  -40°

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