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General Science Question Answer Practice Set-1

General Science Question Answer Practice Set-1

1.Who invented oxygen?
Ans: J B Priestly
2.Who invented the microscope?
Ans: Jade Vansen
3.Who invented Urea?
Ans: Uhler
4.Who invented uranium?
Ans: Claprath
5.Who invented the electron?
Ans: Sir Joseph John Thomson
6.Who invented the x-rays?
Ans: Wilhelm Roentgen
7.Who invented the antiseptic treatment?
Ans: Lister Lord Benting
8.Who invented the air conditioner?
Ans: W H carrier
9.Who invented the airplane?
Ans: Orville and Wilver Wright
10.Who discovered ozone?
Ans: Schonbeeni
11.Who invented cholera basillas?
Ans: Robert Koch
12.Who invents artificial genes?
Ans:Hargobind Khorana
13.Who discovered the artificial radioactive element?
Ans: Julio Curie
14.Who discovered the cell?
Ans: Robert Hooke
15.Who discovered the nucleus of a cell?
Ans: Robert Brown in 1831
16. Who invented the camera?
Ans: George Eastman
17.Who discovered the law of motion?
Ans: Sir Isaac Newton
18.Who invented the galvanometer?
Ans: Andre Marie Ampere
19.Who invented the film machine?
Ans: Thomas Alva Edison
20.Who invented the treatment of rabies?
Ans: Louis Pasteur
21.Who invented the telegraph?
Ans: FB Morse
22.Who invented the telephone?
Ans: Alexander Grahambell
23.Who invented television?
Ans: That John Lodge Beard
24.Who invented the telescope?
Ans: Hans Lippersi
25.Who discovered the double helix DNA?
Ans: Watson & Creek

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