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History Question Answer Practice Set-1

History Question Answer Practice Set-1

1.Who was the first martyr of the sepoy rebellion?
 Ans: Mangal Pandey
2. Gautama Buddha attained Nirvana under which tree?
Ans: Ashwattha
3. Separate electoral system is used by which law?
Ans: Morleyminto
4. What was the official language during the Mughal period?
Ans: Persian
5. Who was Atish Dipankar?
Ans: Buddhist scholar
6. Who was built the Jama Masjid?
Ans: Shahjahan
7. Who was the editor of Sanjivani magazine?
Ans: Krishnakumar Mitra
8. Who was responsible for the fall of the Mughal Empire?
Ans: Aurangzeb
9.Sir Thomas Rowe came to India during whose time?
Ans: During the reign of Jahangir
10. Who was Malik Kafur?
Ans: Commander of Alauddin Khalji
11.Who is the founder of Vijayanagar?
Ans: Harihar
12.Who is the founder of the Syed dynasty?
Ans: Khizir Khan
13.Who was the main accused in the Alipore bomb case?
Ans: Arvind Ghosh
14.Who was the editor of the Sandhya newspaper?
Ans: Brahmabandhab Upadhyaya
15. Who is the founder of the Gadar Party?
Ans:  Lala Hardayal
16.In what year did the Simon Commission come to India?
Ans: In 1926
17.Who is called Gandhi Buri?
Ans:  Matangini Hajra
18.Who started the Quit India Movement?
Ans: Gandhiji
19.In what year was the naval revolt?
Ans: In 1946
20.Who is the founder of the Harshanka dynasty?
Ans: Bimbisara
21.Who forms the forward block?
Ans:  Subhash Chandra Bose
22.Who took the title of Vikram Shil?
Ans:  Dharmapala
23.Who writes Priyadarshika?
Ans:  Harshavardhana
24.Who took the title of Shiladitya?
Ans: Harshavardhana
25.Who is the author of Meghdoot?
Ans:  Kalidasa

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