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Indian Geography Question Answer Practice Set-1


Indian Geography Question Answer Practice Set-1

1.Which country is the Seventh largest area wise in the world -
Ans: India
2.Which group of Island is located in the Arabian Sea -
Ans: Lakshadweep, Amindive & Minicoy
3.How many percentages of India's land of the world -
Ans: 2.42%
4.Which is sub-continent is located in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere -
Ans: Indiara Col
5.How many states the Tropic of Cancer passes through in India -
Ans: 8 states
6.Which is taken as the standard time meridian of India -
Ans: 82° 30' E longitude
7.IST passes through the middle of India from which place -
Ans: Naini, near Allahabad
8.How many states the Indian standard meridian passes -
Ans: 5 States (U.P, M.P, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, A.p)
9.The Gulf of Manner and Palk Strait separate India which country -
Ans: Sri Lanka
10.Which Group of Island is located in the Bay of Bengal -
Ans: Andaman and Nicober
11.The length of India's coastline is about -
Ans: 6083 km (7516.6 km, including Andaman and Lakshadweep)
12.The southernmost point of India is called -
Ans: Indira
13.Which is the second-longest coastline in India -
Ans: Andhra Pradesh
14.Which state has the least coastline in India -
Ans: Goa
15.What is the width of West coast -
Ans: 50 km
16.What is the width of East coast -
Ans: 100 km
17.The Westernmost point is called -
Ans: West of Ghaur Moti I Gujarat
18.The total number of states in India -
Ans: 29
19.The total number of Union Territories in India –
Ans: 7
20.The Easternmost point is called -
Ans: Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh
21.How many states share boundaries with U.P -
Ans:  8 states (Uttarakhand, H.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, M.P, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand & Bihar)
22.How many states touch the border with Assam -
Ans: 7 states
23.How many bio-graphical zones are there in India -
Ans: 10
24.The largest southernmost single Islan in India is -
Ans: Great Nicobar Islands or Indira Point
25.The southernmost point of India mainland is -
Ans: Kanyakumari

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