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Physics Question Answer Practice Set-2

Physics Question Answer Practice Set-2

1. Dusting of a blanket employs which scientific principle -
Ans: Moment of inertia

2. When electrons moving round in nucleus which force act -
Ans: Centripetal force

3. If an object resists the change in direction of its motion, its inertia is called-
Ans: Inertia of direction

4.CGS system is also called -
Ans: Gaussian system

5.Direction of centripetal force is always-
Ans: Towards centre

6. The change in position of the body in a certain direction is known as -
Ans: Displacement

7. The bodies executing free-falling motion have-
Ans: Equal acceleration

8.The number of basic SI units are -
Ans: 7

9. The motion in which a particle moves along a circular path is called -
Ans: Circular motion

10.The time required for one complete revolution or cycle of the circular motion is called-
Ans: Time period

11. Newton's second law of motion gives the measure of-
Ans: Force (also define the quantity of force)

12. If a body rotates about a line (axis) passing through it then the motion is called -
Ans: Rotatory motion or Rotational motion

13. Newton's first law also called as -
Ans: Law of Inertia or law of Galileo (also define the quality of force)

14. Which force act when a car take a turn on the road -
Ans: Centripetal force

15. If an object resists the change in its state of motion, its inertia is called -
Ans: Inertia of motion

16.The number of supplementary SI units are
Ans: 2

17.The property of an object to resist any change in its state of motion along a straight line or rest is called -
Ans: Inertia

18. Newton's third law of motion is-
Ans: Every action have equal and opposite reaction

19. lf velocity of a body is decreasing then the acceleration is called-
Ans: Retardation or deceleration

20. A bus travels for a certain time. Its speed during the first half time is 1, and that during the second half time is V2 The average speed during the whole journey is
Ans: V1+ V2/2

21. How many types of Inertia -
Ans: Three types (Inertia of rest, Inertia of motion & Inertia of direction)

22. A pull or push which changes or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion or direction of any object is called-
Ans: Force

23. To achieve maximum range the body should be projected atan angle -
Ans: 450

24. If an object covers unequal displacement in equal intervals of time is called -
Ans: Non-uniform Velocity

25. If an object resists the change in its state of rest, its inertia is called-
Ans: Inertia of rest

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