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Indian Geography Question Answer Practice Set-4

Indian Geography Question Answer Practice Set-4

1. Bara-lacha La Passes in -
Ans: Himachal Pradesh (Leh-Manali Highway)

2.. Nathu La Passes in -
Ans: Sikkim

3. Niti Lipulekh & Thag La Passes in -
Ans: Uttarakhand

4. Which state of India is known as the Eastern Himalaya-
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim

5. The range lying South of the Himadri is known as -
Ans: Middle Himalaya or Lesser Himalaya (Himachal)

6. Which is the longest range of the Middle Himalaya -
Ans: Pirpanjal (Jammu and Kashmir)

7. Which tunnel India's longest road tunnel -
Ans: Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

8. The Southernmost part of the Himalaya range is known as-
Ans: Outer Himalaya (Shiwalik)

9. Which mountain forms the foothills of Himalayas -
Ans: Shiwalik

10. Which is the highest peak of India -
Ans: Godwin Austin (K2)

11. In which state of India the highest mountain peak Nanda
Devi located
Ans: Uttarakhand

12. In which state of India the highest peak Kanchenjunga
Ans: Sikkim

13. Where is the Gulf of Mannar located -
Ans: East of Tamil Nadu

14. Sind-Sagar Doab is located between which region -
Ans: Jhelum and Indus

15. Which is the largest inland salt lake in India -
Ans: The Sambhar salt lake

16. Which is the largest plateau in India -
Ans: The Deccan Plateau

17. Which valley divides the Malwa plateau in the North and
Deccan plateau in the south -
Ans: Rift Valley

18. Which plateau is almost triangular in shape -
Ans: The Deccan plateau

19. Which plateau is situated in and around Madhya Pradesh-
Ans: Malwa Plateau

20. Which plateau is situated in the state of Jharkhand -
Ans: Chhotanagpur Plateau

21. Which plateau popularly known as a store house of Indian
minerals -
Ans: Chhotanagpur Plateau

22. Which plateau is situated in the North-Eastern region of
India -
Ans: Meghalaya Plateau

23. Which plateau is situated in the Southern part of India
Ans: Deccan Plateau

24. Which plateau is spread over in the states of Gujarat,
Maharashtra, M.P, Karnataka and A.P -
Ans: Deccan Plateau

25. Which part of the Deccan Plateau is known as lava region -
Ans: Northern Part

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