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World History Question Answer Practice Set-2

World History Question Answer Practice Set-2

1."The Peloponnesian War' was fought between -
Ans: Sparta and Athens

2. The home of the Italian renaissance was the city of
Ans: Florence

3. Who famously declared 'Veni, Vidi, vici' - el
Ans: Julius Caesar

4. Who is associated with 'Golden Mean' -
Ans: Aristotle

5. In which year the famous Coliseum in Rome was built
Ans: 72 AD

6. Two important schools of philosophy Stoicism
Epicureanism was associated with -
Ans: Greeks

7. Which civilization is associated with 'Twelve Tables' -
Ans: Roman Civilization

8. Where did the Renaissance first begin -
Ans: Italy

9. The women in Greek society were treated as
Ans: inferior to men in both social and political affairs

10. Which is the sacred book of Judaism -
Ans: Torah

11. When did the 'Christian Era' start-
Ans: 1 AD

12. The ancient Incas civilization flourished in -
Ans: North America

13. Feudal System in Europe was essentially which system-
Ans: Rural

14. Balboa was the first European to -
Ans: Encounter the Pacific Ocean

15. Which period in medieval Western Europe is known as 'Dark
Ages' -
Ans: Early Middle Ages

16. Where is the Cathedral of Notre Dame located
Ans: Paris

17. When was ancient Rome founded -
Ans: 753 BC

18. When and where was Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam,
born -
Ans: 571 AD, Mecca

19. Which year is considered as the first year of the Muslim
calendar -
Ans: 622 AD

20. Shariah is -
Ans: Islamic law

21. The Incan Empire was located in present-
Ans: Peru

22. The caliphate is -
Ans: a Muslim kingdom after the death of Mohammad.

23. When did Prophet Muhammad die -
Ans: 632 AD

24. Who wrote the book 'Rubaiyat' -
Ans: Omar Khayyam

25. Of which country was the religion 'Shintoism'-
Ans: Japan

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