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World History Question Answer Practice Set-3


World History Question Answer Practice Set-3

1. Which country is associated with 'Boxer Rebellion -
Ans: China

2. When was the Triple Entente' comprising France, Russia and
Britain formed -
Ans: 1907

3. Which was known as 'Siam'-
Ans: Thailand
4. Who asked his countrymen to shoulder 'the white man
Ans: Rudyard Kipling

5. Who wrote the book 'Utopia'-
Ans: Thomas More

6. When did the Russian Revolution also call Bolshevik Revolution, or October Revolution) take place-
Ans: 1917

7. Which wars formally came to an end with the Treaty of
Portsmouth -
Ans: Russo-Japanese War

8. Which country had never been colonized -
Ans: Thailand

9. Who is known as the first pope of Vatican City -
Ans: Pope Pius XI

10. The hundred years of war between England and France lasted
Ans: 1337 to 1453

11. Which king is associated with the 'Magna Carta'-
Ans: King John

12. Who was known as Lord Protector -
Ans: Cromwell wan

13. Who founded the city of Singapore-
Ans: Stamford Raffles

14. Mediterranean is a Greek word. It means -
Ans: the sea in the middle of the world

15. Where did the 'Chartist Movement' occur -
Ans: England

16. Which is associated with the slogan 'No taxation without
Ans: American Revolution

17. Which year is associated with the 'Boston Tea Party' -
Ans: 1773

18. When did USA declare war on Germany during the First
World War -
Ans: 6th April 1917

19. Who founded the Red Cross
Ans: Henri Dunant

20. Who said the statement "Superior races have the duty of
civilizing the inferior race"-
Ans: Jules Ferry

21. Who is known as the founder of the Reports of Turkey
Ans: Mustafa Kemal Ataturke

22. When did the Rome become capital of united Italy -
Ans: July 1871

23. Which was the only Asian imperialist country-
Ans: Japann

24. Fabian socialism was first emerged in -
Ans: Great Britain

25. What was the Boxer Rebellion -
Ans: An anti-foreign movement in China

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