Indian Polity Question Answer Practice Set-4

Polity Question Answer Practice Set-4

Polity Question Answer Practice Set-4

1. The President can be Impeached with the -
Ans: 2/3 Majority of Parliament

2. In which year the Chhattisgarh, Uttarkhand & Jharkhand states were formed -
Ans: 2000

3. The vacancy in the office of the President caused by the removal
or death or resignation shall be filled within a period of -
Ans: 6 Months

4. Citizenship provisions were enshrined in the Constitution in-
Ans: Part-II, Articles 5-11

5. What type of Citizenship Constitution has been established for the whole of India-
Ans: Single & Uniform Citizenship

6. 'AADHAR is a programme -
Ans: to provide identity to Indian residents

7. Which of the methods is adopted for the election of the President of India-
Ans: Indirect methods

8. What is the term of office of the President of India -
Ans: 5 years

9. The Fundamental Rights have been described in -
Ans: Part-II1, Article 12 to 35

10. What security amount deposit for the nomination as the
President in RBI -
Ans: ₹ 15000

11. What is the maximum age to contest the election of the President -
Ans: No limit

12. Which Article of the Constitution of India is related to the Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech -
Ans: Article 19

13. How many members are signed for the resignation notice to the President -
Ans: At least 1/4 members of House

14. In India, the President is elected by -
Ans: Single Transferable Vote

15. Which Article is known as Necessary Evil -
Ans: Article 22

16. Rashtrapati Bhavan was designed by -
Ans: Edwin Landseer Lutyens

17. In case the President wishes to resign by whom he gave the
resignation letter -
Ans: Vice President

18. In which Amendment, Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens add by -
Ans: 42nd Amendment in 1976

19. On which committee's recommendations was Fundamental Duties inserted in the Constitution -
Ans: Swaran Singh Committee

20. Which Article in our Constitution deals with the process election of the President -
Ans: Article 54

21. Part-V of the Constitution deals with-
Ans: Government at the Union Level (Article 52 to 1511

22. The Union Executive of India consists of -
Ans: The President, Vice President and Council of Ministers only

23. By which process the President can be removed from office
for violation of the constitution -
Ans: Impeachment

24. Who is the Executive Head of the Indian State -
Ans: The President

25. What is the Salary per month of the President of India -
Ans: 5 lakh rupee per month


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