World History question answer for competitive exam (Part -1)

World History question answer for  competitive exam

1. What means did the Arabs use to extend their empire-
Ans: Islam
2. Which civilization was watered by two rivers "Tigris' and 'Euphrates' -
Ans: Mesopotamian Civilization
3. Homer's Iliad recounts the -
Ans: Trojan War
4. When did the Vietnam War start-
Ans: 1955
5. When was the 'Battle of Marathon' occurred -
Ans: 490 BC
6. Which civilization is called the 'Gift of the Nile' -
Ans: Egyptian Civilization
7. Which river is considered to have been the cradle of Chinest civilisation -
Ans: Yellow River
8.In 20th century the name Iran was called as -
Ans: Persia
9. The Egyptian king was called as -
Ans: Pharaoh
10. Which is said to have originated by Egyptians-
Ans: The manufacture of paper
11. 'Sphinx' is associated with which civilizations-
Ans: Egyptian Civilization
12. When did the Arabs, who emerged as a strong power after the rise of Islam conquered Iran -
Ans: 651 AD
13. Which temple is known as the 'temple of the rising sun'-
Ans: The Great Temple of Abu Simbel
14. Which poems was credited to a Greek poet named Homer -
Ans: Iliad and Odyssey
15. Who deciphered the Hieroglyphic script-
Ans: Champollion
16.Which Chinese dynasty moved the capital to Beijing-
Ans: Ming
17. Which is considered as the earliest Chinese Civilisation according to archaeologists -
Ans: Shang
18. When did the Chinese Civil War begin -
Ans: 1927
19. What was Portugal's principal colony in Latin America -
Ans: Brazil
20. When was the construction of the Great Wall of China started -
Ans: 221 BC
21. What is the meaning of the word 'Lao-Tse' -
Ans: Older Master
22. From which country did Singapore receive Independence -
Ans: Malaysia
23. Who among the following emphasized the 'Five Relationships' -
Ans: Confucius
24. Who standardized the Chinese script -
Ans: Chin Ruler
25. Which country's script has the influence of Chinese script -
Ans: Japan, Korea and Vietnam
26. "The Peloponnesian War' was fought between -
Ans: Sparta and Athens
27. The home of the Italian renaissance was the city of
Ans: Florence
28. Who famously declared 'Veni, Vidi, vici' - el
Ans: Julius Caesar
29. Who is associated with 'Golden Mean' -
Ans: Aristotle
30. In which year the famous Coliseum in Rome was built
Ans: 72 AD
31. Two important schools of philosophy Stoicism Epicureanism was associated with -
Ans: Greeks
32. Which civilization is associated with 'Twelve Tables' -
Ans: Roman Civilization
33. Where did the Renaissance first begin -
Ans: Italy
34. The women in Greek society were treated as
Ans: inferior to men in both social and political affairs
35. Which is the sacred book of Judaism -
Ans: Torah
36. When did the 'Christian Era' start-
Ans: 1 AD
37. The ancient Incas civilization flourished in -
Ans: North America
38. Feudal System in Europe was essentially which system-
Ans: Rural
39. Balboa was the first European to -
Ans: Encounter the Pacific Ocean
40. Which period in medieval Western Europe is known as 'Dark Ages' -
Ans: Early Middle Ages
41. Where is the Cathedral of Notre Dame located
Ans: Paris
42. When was ancient Rome founded -
Ans: 753 BC
43. When and where was Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, born -
Ans: 571 AD, Mecca
44. Which year is considered as the first year of the Muslim calendar -
Ans: 622 AD
45. Shariah is -
Ans: Islamic law
46. The Incan Empire was located in present-
Ans: Peru
47. The caliphate is -
Ans: a Muslim kingdom after the death of Mohammad.
48. When did Prophet Muhammad die -
Ans: 632 AD
49. Who wrote the book 'Rubaiyat' -
Ans: Omar Khayyam
50. Of which country was the religion 'Shintoism'-
Ans: Japan

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