Physics question answer for competitive exam (Part -1)

Physics  question answer for  competitive exam (Part -1)

1. Newton-second stands for the unit of?
Ans: Momentum
2. Poise is the unit of which quantity?
Ans: Viscocity
3. Which area under acceleration-time graph represent?
Ans: Change in Velocity
4. The unit of surface tension is -
Ans: Dyne/sec^2
5. A petty of tea is weighted in a spring balance of Darjeeling and brought to Kolkata. The Price weight of the petty is now-
Ans: Increases
6. Action and reaction are equal and opposite, still they can not produce equilibrium because -
Ans: They  act at two different points
7. Young's Modulus is the property of -
Ans: Solid only
8. The Force of gravity of Jupiter compared to earth is -
Ans: More
9. The expression of kinetic energy is given by -
Ans: 1/2mv^2
10. Modulus of elasticity is dimensionally equivalent to -
Ans: Stress
11. When a body is submerged in a fluid, buoyant force acting on it depends on -
Ans: Density of fluid
12. Weight of the liquid displaced by a floating body is equal to -
Ans: The weight of the  body
13. When mass and speed are doubled,the kinetic energy increases?
Ans: 8-times
14. Pressure at which point within a liquid depend upon ?
Ans: Depth
15. What is the unit of buoyancy in S.I System?
Ans: Pascal
16. The fulcrum is in between the load and effort in case of -
Ans: Class I lever
17. The angle between applied force (F) and the velocity (v) be θ  , the power will be -
Ans: FV cosθ
18. In a class III lever, though the mechanical advantage is less than unity still it is used because -
Ans: In many cases, it is not possible to employ class I and class II lever
19. One kWh of electrical energy equals - 
Ans: 860 kcal
20. Equal heat is applied on two liquids A and B of the same mass. If he specifies heat of liquid B is double of that of A, then the ratio of increase in temperature will be -
Ans: 2:1
21. Energy acquired by an electron moving with acceleration through a p.d of 1 volt is -
Ans: 1 electron volt
22.If the palm of a man carries some weight , the position of the fulcrum will be at -
Ans: on the elbow
23. What will be the reading in absolute scale the value for 27°C?
Ans: 300°K
24. At which temperature in Fahrenheit scale is double of that of the centigrade scale?
Ans: 160°C
25. At which temperature the reading of both  Fahrenheit and Celcius scale are equal?
Ans:  -40°
26. Dusting of blanket employs which scientific principle -
Ans: Moment of inertia
27. When electrons move round in nucleus which force act -
Ans: Centripetal force
28. If an object resists the change in direction of its motion, its inertia is called-
Ans: Inertia of direction
29. CGS system is also called -
Ans: Gaussian system
30. Direction of centripetal force is always-
Ans: Towards centre
31. The change in position of the body in a certain direction is known as -
Ans: Displacement
32. The bodies executing free-falling motion have-
Ans: Equal acceleration
33. The number of basic SI units are -
Ans: 7
34. The motion in which a particle moves along a circular path is called -
Ans: Circular motion
35. The time required for one complete revolution or cycle of the circular motion is called-
Ans: Time period
36. Newton's second law of motion gives the measure of-
Ans: Force (also define the quantity of force)
37. If a body rotates about a line (axis) passing through it then the motion is called -
Ans: Rotatory motion or Rotational motion
38. Newton's first law also called as -
Ans: Law of Inertia or law of Galileo (also define the quality of force)
39. Which force act when a car take a turn on the road -
Ans: Centripetal force
40. If an object resists the change in its state of motion, its inertia is called -
Ans: Inertia of motion
41.The number of supplementary SI units are
Ans: 2
42.The property of an object to resist any change in its state of motion along a straight line or rest is called -
Ans: Inertia
43. Newton's third law of motion is-
Ans: Every action have equal and opposite reaction
44. lf velocity of a body is decreasing then the acceleration is called-
Ans: Retardation or deceleration
45. A bus travels for a certain time. Its speed during the first half time is 1, and that during the second half time is V2 The average speed during the whole journey is
Ans: V1+ V2/2
46. How many types of Inertia -
Ans: Three types (Inertia of rest, Inertia of motion & Inertia of direction)
47. A pull or push which changes or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion or direction of any object is called-
Ans: Force
48. To achieve maximum range the body should be projected atan angle -
Ans: 450
49. If an object covers unequal displacement in equal intervals of time is called -
Ans: Non-uniform Velocity
50. If an object resists the change in its state of rest, its inertia is called-
Ans: Inertia of rest

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